What Do You Value?

Though Paul was an apostle, not a pastor, we can learn much about pastoral ministry from his example in Acts 20:13–27. Livestream Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

Have You Seen a Miracle?

Resurrection miracles, as seen in Acts 20:7–12, are signs that the gospel is true and that we can find new life in Jesus. Livestream Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

Do You Know How to Encourage?

In Acts 20:1–6, God raises up a band of brothers—friends—who would accompany Paul­ on his difficult mission. These friends had themselves received encouragement from Paul, who, for us, exemplifies an … Continue reading

The Justice of the Lord

  •   Sep 13, 2021   •     •   Psalm 79

There is much to learn from Psalm 79 about how to plead with the Lord in our pain and suffering. Brad Thayer walks through this corporate song of lament. Livestream … Continue reading

The Texture of Unity in the Local Church

  •   Sep 07, 2021   •     •   Ephesians 6:21–24

In John 17:21, Jesus prayed for Christian unity for the sake of the nations. But what does this look like? According to Ephesians 6:21–24, it looks like churches knowing each … Continue reading

The Power of Unity in the Global Church

  •   Aug 30, 2021   •     •   John 17:20–23

The unity to be experienced within and between churches is a reflection of the unity shared by the Triune God himself. In John 17:20–23, Jesus asserts that the gospel will … Continue reading

The Goodness of the Lord

  •   Aug 23, 2021   •     •   Psalm 100

Psalm 100 is a poem written to inspire and inform the praises of God’s people. Guest preacher John Folmar explains that to worship God means to treasure him above all … Continue reading

What Does Your Gospel Threaten?

By the end of Acts 19, we see how the gospel changed a generation of believers whom God used, in no small part, to change the world. Livestream Video & … Continue reading

What Have You Given Up?

In Acts 19:8–20, Paul is in Ephesus teaching the gospel faithfully for nearly three years. All the residents of the Roman province of Asia hear the Word of the Lord. … Continue reading

Have You Been Baptized?

In Acts 19:1–7, Paul brings up gospel clarity because he recognizes only the gospel makes disciples. Livestream Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading