Jesus Opens Eyes

  •   Jun 07, 2021   •     •   Mark 8:22–26

In the Gospels, there may be no stranger event than the two-stage healing of the blind man recorded in Mark 8:22–26. In order to understand it fully, we need to … Continue reading

A Holy God

  •   Mar 15, 2021   •  

In 2 Samuel 6, we see how determined David was to be with the Lord and dwell in his presence. The Lord is holy and we can only come into … Continue reading

A Humble King

  •   Mar 08, 2021   •  

In 2 Samuel 5, we are reminded that David was a good king because of the grace and mercy of God. David was a patient king because God is faithful. … Continue reading

The Gospel for All

  •   Nov 16, 2020   •     •   Mark 7:24–37

There are moments in life when we are all tempted to wonder if God really cares. In his kindness, and as a sign of his care for us, he repeatedly … Continue reading

Salvation Pursued

  •   Jun 21, 2020   •     •   2 Peter 1:5–11

Intense Gospel-driven effort in the Christian life ensures our effectiveness for Christ in the world and assures our entrance into his eternal kingdom. Livestream Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

Salvation Provided

  •   Jun 14, 2020   •     •   2 Peter 1:1–4

In the gospel, Jesus has gracious granted to us all that we need to live for him now, and to live with him forever. Livestream Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

Righteousness: The Law

  •   Nov 03, 2019   •     •   Matthew 5:17–20

Jesus came to fulfill the entire Old Testament law, and he demands an exceeding righteousness. Continue reading

A Glorious Bondage

  •   Jul 21, 2019   •     •   Romans 6:15–23

All people are either slaves to righteousness or slaves to sin. In Christ, we receive freedom from sin, and empowerment to serve God with our lives. Continue reading

The Meekness of Wisdom

  •   Mar 17, 2019   •     •   James 3:13–18

Wisdom is shown by its works. What we think true wisdom looks like will determine how we live our lives. Continue reading

A Prayer for Holiness

  •   Feb 03, 2019   •     •   Psalm 51

Psalm 51 is an expression of repentance. It is intended to be a prayer that all of God’s people can join as they recognize their own need of forgiveness. Continue reading

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