Our History Matters

  •   Aug 18, 2019   •     •   Psalm 77

At times, the Christian life is marked by despair. But as Christians, we cannot merely remain in our despair. The Psalmist shows us in Psalm 77 how to respond to … Continue reading

Our Work Matters

  •   Aug 04, 2019   •     •   Psalm 8

Psalm 8 tells us who God is, who we are, and why we are here. Continue reading

The Faithfulness of Christ

  •   Jul 28, 2019   •     •   Acts 14:24–28

The faithfulness of Christ is at the heart of the God’s friendship with his people. Continue reading

The Sufferings of Christ

  •   Jun 30, 2019   •     •   Acts 14:19–23

Our perseverance in Christ means that we must prize him above all. Continue reading

The Worship of Christ

  •   Jun 23, 2019   •     •   Acts 14:8–18

Safety and meaning are found only in Christ. Continue reading

The Division of Christ

  •   Jun 16, 2019   •     •   Acts 14:1–7

As Christians, we should be so enraptured by the gospel that we are not afraid to uphold the truth, even when we stand alone. Continue reading

The Nations of Christ

  •   Jun 09, 2019   •     •   Acts 13:44–52

When Christ’s people come together and worship him they are unified in a way that earthly culture can never unify. Continue reading

The Promises of Christ

  •   May 26, 2019   •     •   Acts 13:26–43

The Savior that Jerusalem rejected is the Savior that Scriptures promised and the Savior that you need. Jesus is the promised King and Savior. Continue reading

The Story of Christ

  •   May 19, 2019   •     •   Acts 13:13–25

Paul preached in the synagogue of God’s love and grace towards Israel before Christ. Today we see God’s love and grace in King Jesus. Continue reading

The Spirit of Christ

  •   May 12, 2019   •     •   Acts 13:1–12

Reaching the nations is a key part of being a Chrisitan and being a Christian church. Continue reading