Mount Vernon’s pastoral and global internships exist to equip men pursuing full-time pastoral ministry with a biblical vision of the local church and pastoral ministry through a residency program of study, observation, and practical ministry experience. We offer a 4-month and 12-month program.

Pastoral Internship

Man reading the Bible

Spring Trimester: mid-January – mid-May
Fall Trimester: mid-August – mid-December

We offer a 4-month internship twice a year for two people per trimester. The work is the same for each trimester. The program consists of approximately 45-55 hours per week of study, observation, and regular involvement in the church.


Investment from the Pastoral Staff

Our goal is to help train men with an interest in being a lead pastor. Interns spend a most of their time observing and learning from our Senior Pastor and his ministry. Most of the responsibilities listed below include his oversight and involvement. Other staff pastors that focus on administration, equipping, and missions also make a significant investment in interns.

Reading & Writing

There is approximately 2,500-3,500 pages of reading. A position paper is written on each book that engages the book and its value for pastoral ministry. Interns spend 1-1.5 hrs a week discussing their papers and reading with pastoral staff.

Ministry Projects

Interns lead two morning worship services, prepare and deliver one, 15-minute devotional on a Sunday evening, and present a ministry specific project to the pastoral staff.

Involvement with Leaders & Members

Interns meet regularly with different lay elders, deacons, and members to discuss pastoral ministry and church life at Mount Vernon.

Financial Support

The internship is a brief season in life when an individual or family makes sacrifices in preparation for ministry. The church provides a modest housing assistance and living stipend. However, the internship program does not provide substantive financial support. That means the intern and his family may have to use personal savings, raise support, or live off a spouse’s income. (More details will be provided during the application process.)

More Info

To learn more or to apply, contact Brad Thayer (Associate Pastor/Administration).

Global Internship

Mount Vernon partners with Reaching & Teaching International Ministries in their global internship program. β€œThe Global Ecclesiology and Missiology Internship is a two-year internship designed to train the next generation to understand and apply convictions about the local church and the call to make disciples of all nations.”

Local church building

Year 1

The first year is spent as a member of Mount Vernon and involved full-time in our regular internship program. In addition to the elements listed above, the global intern learns from our missions pastor, participates in local evangelism, has additional reading on pastoral and missions ministry, goes on a short-term mission trip, and more.

Cityscape of Dubai showing the Burj Khalifa

Year 2

The second year is spent as a member of an English-speaking international church around the world, learning and serving in a cross-cultural context. Participating church locations are in the Middle East, Central Asia, and East Asia.


More Information & Apply

Global interns are responsible for raising 100% of their support. To learn more and apply, contact Reaching & Teaching directly.