Adult Sunday School (Fall 2020)

Join us for adult Sunday School classes on Sundays from 9:00–10:00 am. Below are the list of two classes being offered from September 6–December20. See our gathering page for more details about Sunday mornings and safety measures.

Romans 1-8 Inductive Bible Study

This is a study through the first eight chapters of Paul’s letter to the Romans.
Fellowship Hall
Teachers: Dustin Butts, David Roe
Sept. 6–Dec. 20 (16 weeks)

Topical Study – Conscience

A topical study on understanding the Christian conscience.
West Hall
Teachers: Chad Ireland, Ben Brewer
Sept. 6–Oct. 4 (5 weeks)

Topical Study – Spiritual Graces

A topical study on God’s means of grace in the believer’s life.
West Hall
Teachers: Kalep Kanode, Kevin Vaughter
Oct. 11–Nov. 15 (6 weeks)

Topical Study – Confronting Christianity

A topical study on addressing the difficult questions that confront Christianity.
West Hall
Teachers: Dane Ulett, Brad Thayer
Nov. 22–Dec. 20 (5 weeks)