A Prayer for Revival

  •   Mar 22, 2020   •     •   Psalm 85

In Psalm 85, the people need restoration and revival. As God’s people today, we are in also in need of God’s work to revive us.  Continue reading

Hope for the Hopeless

  •   Mar 01, 2020   •     •   Acts 16:16–24

There is always hope in the name of Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Good News for All

  •   Feb 23, 2020   •     •   Acts 16:11–15

As the gospel spreads in the ancient world, we should marvel at God’s work in the lives of individual people like Lydia. Continue reading

Guidance for the Faithful

  •   Feb 16, 2020   •     •   Acts 16:6–10

Christians should act boldly to make much of Jesus, trusting God that he is both sovereign and good. Continue reading

The Prophetic Ministries of Abraham Booth & David Barrow

  •   Feb 10, 2020   •  

Audio recorded at Feed My Sheep Conference 2020. This recording is Session One from Aaron Menikoff. Continue reading

Panel Discussion

, ,   •   Feb 10, 2020   •  

Audio recorded at Feed My Sheep Conference 2020. This recording is a panel discussion with Aaron Menikoff, Milton Campbell, and Ed Moore. Continue reading

Wisdom for the Lost

  •   Feb 02, 2020   •     •   Acts 16:1–5

In Acts 16:1–5 we see that churches and Christians need the wisdom of God, the love of God, and the knowledge of God to be strengthened. Continue reading

Friendship for the Busy

  •   Jan 26, 2020   •     •   Acts 15:36–41

In this section of Acts, friendship is the lens through which we see the spread of the gospel. Continue reading

Encouragement for the Tired

  •   Jan 19, 2020   •     •   Acts 15:22–35

Real freedom leads faithful churches to radical love. Continue reading

Freedom for the World

  •   Jan 12, 2020   •     •   Acts 15:1–21

The gospel of Christ is for all the world. It is received by grace alone, through faith alone, and in Christ alone. Continue reading