The Scandalous Gospel

  •   Oct 21, 2018   •     •   Acts 9:1–31

The conversion of Saul is not ultimately about Saul, but about God–who lavished grace on an unworthy sinner. Continue reading

The Bloody Gospel

  •   Oct 07, 2018   •     •   Acts 8:26–40

Self-examination is difficult, but necessary. Acts 8 helps us to reflect on who we are, who God is, and how we can only change with the power of God. Continue reading

The Priceless Gospel

  •   Sep 23, 2018   •     •   Acts 8:4–25

We are most significant when we prize Christ most of all. Continue reading

An Evangelist’s Mission

  •   Sep 16, 2018   •  

An evangelist’s mission is to share the gospel naturally, regularly, and with a sense of urgency. Continue reading

An Evangelist’s Message

  •   Sep 09, 2018   •  

The better you know and treasure the gospel, the more you will share the gospel. Continue reading

The Lord Your God

  •   Aug 26, 2018   •     •   Luke 4:1–13

Filled with the Spirit but attacked by the devil, Jesus is the king we need. Continue reading

The Son of God

  •   Aug 19, 2018   •     •   Luke 3:21–38

Jesus is the divine king who can stand in our place. Continue reading

The Salvation of God

  •   Aug 12, 2018   •     •   Luke 3:1–20

The enslaved heart requires God’s grace to radically change. Continue reading

Hope to Last

  •   Aug 05, 2018   •     •   2 Kings 23:31–25:30

God’s people have hope because they recognize the reality of judgment and place their trust in Christ, not in anything else the world offers. Continue reading

Desire to Read

  •   Jul 15, 2018   •     •   2 Kings 21:1–23:30

True Christians have more than a desire to read the Bible; they have a desire to obey it. Continue reading