Being a member of Mount Vernon is your way of saying, “I’m committed to the well-being of these brothers and sisters, the church’s vision, and the Elders’ shepherding in my life.” We are committed to intentional church membership where we, as a family of faith, are committing to you and you to us. Becoming a member is an outward expression of your love for God and commitment to follow Jesus Christ. If that’s your desire, here’s how to join.

Step 1 • Attend Our Gatherings

Start regularly attending our Sunday morning worship service and an evening service. Our morning worship service is foundational, and you’ll develop deeper relationships in our evening services.

Step 2 • Knowing MVBC Class

Attend Knowing MVBC, a 4-week membership class for those interested in joining the church. Knowing MVBC is held during our Sunday School hour, starting at 9:15 each Sunday morning in room 230. In this class, you’ll meet others interested in the church and learn about our commitments, beliefs, leadership, and ministries. Attending Knowing MVBC does not obligate you to join Mount Vernon, but it is required for membership.

Step 3 • Membership Interview

Following the membership class, you’ll be invited to meet with Pastor Aaron and another elder for an interview. Don’t be intimidated! This is simply a time for us to know your story personally and answer any questions you have about the church.

Step 4 • Finalizing Membership & Next Steps

During the membership interview, we will help guide you through the next steps to joining. For some, it may be learning more about continued discipleship or baptism. For others, it may be signing the Church Covenant and being recommended to the congregation for their vote of affirmation. Either way, we will be here to walk you through each step.

For more information, read Aaron’s article about membership: Being and Belonging. You can also listen to this sermon on belonging to a local church: Why Should I Belong?

church members hugging