The Missing King

  •   Aug 27, 2017   •     •   1 Kings 20-22

Jesus is the superior king that all humans should submit their lives to. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on 1 Kings 20-22. Continue reading

The Remedy for Anxiety

  •   Aug 20, 2017   •     •   Luke 12:22-34

Human ambitions have the potential to twist our hearts so that we are consumed by fear, anxiety, and worry and miss out on the joy God intends for us. Jesus … Continue reading

Christian Hope and Race in America

,   •   Aug 19, 2017   •  

Dr. Matthew Hall gives a special lecture about the complicated history of race relations in America and American Baptist churches. A Q&A session is also included with additional insights for … Continue reading

The Tender King

  •   Aug 13, 2017   •     •   1 Kings 19

1 Kings 19 is the story of Elijah’s spiral into sinful depression. Rather than rebuking him, God answers his sin with kindness. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on 1 Kings … Continue reading

Walking in the Truth

  •   Aug 06, 2017   •     •   3 John

The Bible is filled with both good and bad examples for us to follow. 3 John is a call for Christians to model their lives off good examples and avoid … Continue reading

The King of Kings

  •   Jul 30, 2017   •     •   1 Kings 17–18

A sovereign God is at work in the events of history for his own glory. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on 1 Kings 17–18. Continue reading

The Unusual King

  •   Jul 23, 2017   •     •   1 Kings 14:21–16:34

All of Old Testament kings fell short of the standard God demanded of them. In doing so, they help us to see our need for the one king who never … Continue reading

The Jealous King

  •   Jul 16, 2017   •     •   1 Kings 12:25-14:20

Though sin reigns for a season, God’s grace will reign for eternity. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on 1 Kings 12:25-14:20. Continue reading

Who Is Jesus?

  •   Jul 09, 2017   •     •   Mark 14:53-65

Jesus is in complete control as he comes to the cross. Listen as Jeffrey Timmons preaches on Mark 14. Continue reading

What Is a Christian?

  •   Jul 02, 2017   •     •   Mark 3:20-35

A Christian is characterized by continual turning from sin and trusting Jesus’ work on the cross for forgiveness. Listen as Jeffrey Timmons preaches on Mark 3. Continue reading