A Joyful Church

  •   Nov 05, 2017   •     •   Acts 5:17-42

How we handle suffering can be a telltale sign of our spiritual health. True disciples find the joy of Christ worth the trials of suffering. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches … Continue reading

A Powerful Church

  •   Oct 29, 2017   •     •   Acts 5:12-16

The power of the church is found in the truth of the gospel. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on Acts 5:12-16. Continue reading

O LORD, How Long

  •   Oct 22, 2017   •     •   Psalm 94

God’s people should have confidence in him when they are oppressed. They should trust in the promises and character of God. Listen as Bryan Pillsbury preaches on Psalm 94. Continue reading

A Hypocritical Church

  •   Oct 15, 2017   •     •   Acts 5:1-11

God demands everything from us, but he graciously gives everything to us. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on Acts 5:1-11. Continue reading

A Generous Church

  •   Oct 08, 2017   •     •   Acts 4:32-37

For the early church, the gospel produced a united, generous, and grace-filled church. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on Acts 4:32-37. NOTE: A 5 minute section of the sermon is … Continue reading

Why Should I Fear?

  •   Oct 01, 2017   •     •   Psalm 49

It is foolish to trust in the wealth and power of man. All earthly wealth passes away with death, but heavenly treasures will last.┬áListen as Brad Thayer preaches on Psalm … Continue reading

Hook, Line, and Sinker

  •   Sep 24, 2017   •     •   Mark 1:16-20

Jesus’ call to his first disciples has implications for modern Christians. Our self-identity and purpose should be defined as God defines it, and not as we do. Listen as Roger … Continue reading

A Disciple-Maker’s Church

  •   Sep 17, 2017   •  

How should a church consider the New Testament commands for loving, encouraging, and sharing life with one another? Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches “A Disciple-Maker’s Church.” Continue reading

A Disciple-Maker’s Mission

  •   Sep 10, 2017   •  

As Christians, our motivation for discipleship matters greatly. We must see our work as critical to the salvation of others. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches about A Disciple-Maker’s Mission. Continue reading

A Disciple Maker’s Life

  •   Sep 03, 2017   •