Filled with the Spirit

  •   Jan 08, 2017   •     •   1 Corinthians 2:6–3:23

Our humanity is based in our identity as creatures made by God, and able to receive the gift of his Spirit in our lives. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on 2:6–3:23. Continue reading

Rooted in the Cross

  •   Jan 01, 2017   •     •   1 Corinthians 1:1–2:5

An enduring church is first rooted in the cross of Christ. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on 1 Corinthians 1:1–2:5. Continue reading

The Christmas Sermon (2016)

  •   Dec 25, 2016   •   Philippians 2:1-11

The incarnation of Christ shows us that Christ demands and deserves our humility. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on Philippians 2:1-11. Continue reading

“O Come, Emmanuel”

  •   Dec 18, 2016   •     •   Micah 7

God’s forgiveness is one of his most amazing attributes, and forgiveness is only possible because God is faithful. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on Micah 7. Continue reading

“Thrones for a Manger”

  •   Dec 11, 2016   •     •   Micah 5–6

It is easy to get overconfident in ourselves, but human effort is no substitute for God’s power, and God tolerates no rivals. Micah 5–6 is a warning about misplaced confidence in self. … Continue reading

“As the Darkness Clears Away”

  •   Nov 27, 2016   •     •   Micah 3-4

We live in a fallen world full of broken promises. But the promise-keeping God is the faithful leader we all need. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on Micah 3–4. Continue reading

“That Saved a Wretch”

  •   Nov 20, 2016   •     •   Micah 1-2

Micah calls the people of God away from confidence in themselves and to confidence in a promised shepherd who will save his people. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on Micah … Continue reading

Praising the Sovereign God

  •   Nov 13, 2016   •     •   Acts 4:1-22

As humans, we were made to praise great things. When the early church faced persecution, they praised their sovereign God because they knew he was in control. Listen as Aaron … Continue reading

Annoying the Religious

  •   Nov 06, 2016   •     •   Acts 4:1-22

The religious leaders in Acts tried to stop the growth of the early church by suppressing the message of the gospel. Faithfulness to Christ requires that Christians speak the truth of … Continue reading

Healing in Christ’s Name

  •   Oct 30, 2016   •     •   Acts 3:1-26

Because Jesus has gone to work for his people, they are able to rest in him. Listen as Aaron Menikoff preaches on Acts 3. Continue reading