What Is Eternal Life?

  •   Jun 07, 2015   •     •   John 17:1-5

Dr. Aaron Menikoff discusses John 17:1-5 in the fifth sermon in an eight-part series entitled “The Calm Before the Storm.” Continue reading

Does God Love Me?

  •   Jun 01, 2015   •     •   John 16:25-33

Dr. Aaron Menikoff discusses John 16:25-33 in the fourth sermon of an eight-part series entitled “The Calm Before the Storm.” Continue reading

How Can I Have Joy?

  •   May 24, 2015   •     •   John 16:16-24

Dr. Aaron Menikoff discusses┬áJohn 16:16-24 in the third of an eight-part series entitled, “The Calm Before the Storm.” Continue reading

Is Truth for Real?

  •   May 17, 2015   •     •   John 16:16-24

Is there absolute truth? If there is, how can we know it? Listen and learn how we know the truth by going to the Word of God as inspired by … Continue reading

Behold Your God

  •   May 03, 2015   •     •   Isaiah 40

Whose word can you place your faith in? Listen now and learn how God, who rules over this world, sustains his people with his sure and certain Word. Continue reading

Strength in Weakness

  •   Apr 27, 2015   •     •   2 Corinthians 4:7-18

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of your suffering? Listen now to how God intends to display his power and Jesus’ life in our weaknesses and afflictions. Continue reading

Obedience is Not Enough

  •   Apr 19, 2015   •     •   2 Peter 3:14-18

To be a Christian is to wait for the triumphal return of King Jesus. How should we wait for his return? Continue reading

The Present is Not Enough

  •   Apr 12, 2015   •     •   2 Peter 3:8-13

What makes you hopeful for the return of Christ? The only way you’re going to live a successful and fruitful life today is with the hope of Jesus’ return. Continue reading

The Resurrection Sermon

  •   Apr 05, 2015   •     •   Acts 3:11-4:22

Faith in the risen Christ turns our lives and the world upside down. In this special Easter sermon, you will be introduced to Jesus Christ, who is worth absolutely everything. Continue reading

Once is Not Enough

  •   Mar 29, 2015   •     •   2 Peter 3:1-7