Check out our bookstall on Sundays immediately following the morning service in the lobby. Below are the current titles for sale.

Basic Christianity (IVP Classics Version)

Stott, John

Christianity and Liberalism

Machen, J. Gresham

Fifty Reasons Jesus Came to Die

Piper, John

Fool’s Talk

Guiness, Os

God: Is He Out There?

McConnell, Mez

If You Could Ask God One Question

Williams, Cooper

Is God Anti-Gay?

Allberry, Sam

Is Jesus the Only Way?

Ryken, Philip

Onward: Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel

Moore, Russell

Same-sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God’s Design for Marriage

McDowell, Sean & Stonestreet, John

Truth in a Culture of Doubt

Bock, Chatraw, & Kostenberger,

Truth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World

Kostenberger, Andreas

What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality

DeYoung, Kevin

40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law

Schreiner, Thomas

40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible

Plummer, Rob

Acts (Knowing the Bible series)

Holcomb, Justin

ESV Hardback Study Bible

Published by Crossway

Fundamentalism and The Word of God

Packer, J. I.

Genesis (Knowing the Bible series)

Kim, Mitchell

God’s Big Picture

Roberts, Vaughan

God’s Kingdom through God’s Covenants

Gentry, Wellum

Isaiah (Knowing the Bible series)

Hunter, Drew

James (Knowing the Bible series)

Gilbert, Greg

Jesus on Every Page

Murray, David

John (Knowing the Bible series)

Buzzard, Justin

Knowing Scripture

Sproul, R. C.

Mark (Knowing the Bible series)

Ortland, Dane

Matthew (Knowing the Bible series)

Hunter, Drew

New Bible Commentary

Edited by Gordan Wenham, Alec Motyer, D. A. Carson, R. T. France

New Bible Dictionary

Edited Marshall, I. Howard

Proverbs (Knowing the Bible series)

Brownback, Lydia

Philippians (Knowing the Bible series)

Kelly, Ryan

Psalms (Knowing the Bible series)

O’Donnell, Douglas

Romans (Knowing the Bible series)

Wilson, Jared

Ruth & Esther (Knowing the Bible series)

Nielson, Kathleen

Taking God at His Word

DeYoung, Kevin

The Message of the New Testament

Dever, Mark

The Message of the Old Testament

Dever, Mark

The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?

Bruce, F. F.

Topical Memory System

Navigator’s Scripture Memory

Understanding Scripture

Grudem, Collins, Schreiner

Why Trust The Bible?

Gilbert, Greg

Words from the Fire: Hearing the Voice of God in the 10 Commandments

Mohler, Albert

A Call to Spiritual Reformation

Carson, Don

Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace

Lambert, Heath

Habits of Grace

Mathis, David

How Long, O Lord?

Carson, Don

Instruments in The Redeemer’s Hands

Tripp, Paul

Just Do Something

DeYoung, Kevin

Living the Cross Centered Life

Mahaney, CJ

Managing God’s Money

Alcorn, Randy

Prayer and The Knowledge of God

Goldsworthy, Graeme

Praying the Bible

Whitney, Donald

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

Whitney, Donald

The Conviction to Lead

Mohler, Albert

The Gospel at Work

Traeger, Sabastian & Greg Gilbert

The Hole in Our Holiness

DeYoung, Kevin

The Ressuection in Your Life

McKinley, Mike

Your Days Are Numbered

Perritt, John

Am I Called?

Harvey, Dave

Believer’s Baptism

Schreiner, Thomas & Shawn Wright

Church in Hard Places

McConnell, Mez & Mike McKinley

Discipling: How to Help Others Follow Jesus

Dever, Mark

One to One Bible Reading

Helm, David

Practicing Hospitality

Ennis, Patricia

The Church: The Gospel Made Visible

Dever, Mark

The Compelling Community

Dever, Mark & Jamie Dunlop

The Cross and Christian Ministry

Carson, Don

The Trellis and The Vine

Collin Marshall & Tony Payne

Visiting the Sick

Croft, Brian

What Is a Healthy Church?

Dever, Mark

What is the Mission of the Church?

Kevin DeYoung & Greg Gilbert

Worship in the Joy of the Lord

Stam, Chip

Worship Matters

Kauflin, Bob

A Quest for Godliness

Packer, J. I.

Augustine on the Christian Life

Bray, Gerald

Church History in Plain Language

Shelly, Bruce

Five English Reformers

Ryle, J.C.

Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography

Murray, Iain

Owen on the Christian Life

Barrett & Haykin

Politics and Piety

Menikoff, Aaron

Sketches from Church History

Houghton, S. M.

Spurgeon: A New Biography

Dallimore, Arnold

The Baptist Story

Chute, Finn, & Haykin

The Unquenchable Flame: Discovering the Heart of the Reformation

Reeves, Michael

Why I am A Baptist

Moore, Russell & Tom Nettles

A Hunger for God

Piper, John

Be Still My Soul

Guthrie, Nancy

Evening by Evening


For the Love of God (VOLUME 1)

Carson, Don

For the Love of God (VOLUME 2)

Carson, Don

Morning By Morning


O Love that Will Not Let Me Go

Guthrie, Nancy

Pilgrim’s Progress in Today’s English

John Bunyan (ed. James Thomas)

Psalms by the Day

Motyer, Alec

Valley of Vision [English & Spanish versions]

Bennett, Arthur

Whiter Than Snow

Tripp, Paul

Bringing Home the Gospel

Newman, Randy

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

Packer, J. I.

Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus

Stiles, Mack

Every Day Church: Gospel Communities on Mission

Chester & Timmis

John G. Paton – Autobiography

Paton, John

Let the Nations Be Glad

Piper, John

Marks of The Messenger

Stiles, Mack

Operation World


Questioning Evangelism

Newman, Randy

Reaching and Teaching

Sills, David

Tell The Truth

Metzger, Will

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism

Dever, Mark

The Insanity of God

Ripken, Nik

To the Golden Shore: The Life of Adorniram Judson

Anderson, Courtney

Age of Opportunity

Tripp, Paul

Big Truths for Young Hearts

Ware, Bruce

Family Vocation

Veith & Moerbe

Family Worship

Beeke, Joel

Family Worship

Whitney, Donald

Feminine Appeal

Mahaney, Carolyn

Glimpses of Grace

Furman, Gloria

Instructing a Child’s Heart

Tripp, Tedd

Love That Lasts

Ricucci, Gary & Betsy

Recovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

John Piper & Wayne Grudem

Redeeming Singleness

Danylak, Barry

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

Piper, John

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Tripp, Tedd

Shopping for Time

Mahaney, Carolyn

The Duties of Parents

Ryle, J. C.

The Jesus Storybook Bible with CD – Deluxe Version

Lloyd-Jones, Sally

When Sinners Say I Do

Harvey, Dave

A Sure Guide to Heaven

Alleine, Joseph

Body of Divinity

Watson, Thomas

Facing Grief

Flavel, John

Mortification of Sin

Owen, John

Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices

Brookes, Thomas

Sermons of the Great Ejection

Various Editors

The Bruised Reed

Sibbs, Richard

The Godly Man’s Picture

Watson, Thomas

The Mystery of Providence

Flavel, John

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

Burroughs, Jeremiah

The Reformed Pastor

Baxter, Richard

18 Words: The Most Important Words You Will Ever Know

Packer, J. I.

Delighting in The Trinity

Reeves, Michael

Desiring God

Piper, John

Future Grace

Piper, John


Morgan & Peterson


Ryle, J. C.

In My Place Condemned He Stood

Packer, J. I. & Mark Dever

Knowing Christ

Jones, Mark

Knowing God

Packer, J. I.

Systematic Theology

Grudem, Wayne

The Cross of Christ

Stott, John

The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God

Carson, Don

The Doctrine of God

Frame, John M.

The God Who is There

Carson, Don

What Is the Gospel?

Gilbert, Greg

Who Is Jesus?

Gilbert, Greg